Friday, 7 June 2013

Measuring Land DVD

Collection of 8 video's by Horacio Pollard on Neigh%music
Featuring music from various bands and stuff including:

Fully Blown Dental Reform
Iku Sakan with me
Tim Olive with me
& Clifford Torus

Black & silver screen print on card by Drid Machine , designed by h.pollard

order one by emailing me at  horacio pollard AT gmail DOT com
5 euro plus postage

Friday, 8 March 2013

horacio pollard south east asia tour, spring 2013

24th March- Yangon , Myanmar, New Zero Art Space with Arkward Binoculars 

28th Mandalay, Myanmar, tba, with Arkward Binoculars 

5th April,  Bangkok, Thailand @ Harmonica, Cacophonous#3 festival

6th Chiang Mai, Thailand, @ the meeting room

7th, Chiang Mai, Thailand @ the gossip bar

11-14th April, Hanoi, Vietnam, Sound Stuff Festival,

26th April, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. venue tba

1st May- Manila, Philippines, @ Subflex 

Saturday, 8 September 2012


⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲⧲FULLY BLOWN DENTAL REFORM TOUR SEPTEMBER '12
Sep 15th--- Magasin 4,
Brussels, Belgium. with Eugene Chadbourne & Casper brotzmann
Sep 16th ---
INCUBATE FESTIVAL. Tilburg, Holland.
Sep 17th  ----  
OCCI,  Amsterdam, Holland
Sep 19th
---- BEI ROY, BERLIN  with Iku Sakan & more
Sep 21st ----
Rota floraHamburg

Tour cdr 5euro plus postage, order

Tour tSHIRTS ready 10 euro!!

16th Brussels
17th London
18th Leeds,  The Packhorse, british wildlife
20th October- Liverpool
21st October-  supersonic festival- birmingham, uk
23rd  - need help
24th October -- Amsterdam, OCCI
25th October -- Berlin, Bei Roy with Lightbringer 


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

horacio pollard 'BARACUDA' cdr

order now!
€5 including postage.
(video below is taken from 'baracuda')

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Calm Under Canopy by Horacio Pollard

Playing with your genitals by a pond as a greedy toad sits next to you licking his eyes.
This is a video put together by Batshanf. The sound is from Neigh%'s in house roland piano trio 'POPITA'!! U should check out Batshanf's other vids! .

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Scandinavia-Tour-Tape- Feb '11

An exhaustive and invigorating sound bank diary of moments taken from the recent MoHa & Horacio Pollard Tour. Includes hit single "t.w.a.t time" and the sound of a tyre been blown up!! bon voyage!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

55 blues - My mums in the bathroom

55 blues reduced the electronic mice decay of the previous output and used the uher monitor to harden the already defined double realities of the 'otherside' knowingness ie. punch and judy effect
hopefully you can hear the reverbs of our ancient dead cell trails.


Friday, 21 January 2011

Cau_Cational Betreet done live album

C_CB were in the Earth rehearsal Studio in Norwich just before Xmas day 2010.
Yoshi brought his new little stereo mic and plugged that fella straight in his laptop. None of us were using any of our own gear (including bloody delay pedals thankgod!), but boy we had a good time, funked up and stiff as a stuffed mole!
Click for ZIP download

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

clifford torus

Here's a video i done for 'clifford torus'' (me & anders hana (moha! ultralyd).
We are in the process of mastering some recordings which we hope to make into some kind of release in the near future.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Well then, here's some gout inducing splurge of tracks from Blodsprut recorded in Stavanger sometime in 2008, something that was originally intended for a jazkammer split 7" but alas never materialised.
Instead of being eternally dorment, its here to download for free.
Dagger monotone, bat-pulse nerve fiddling & faster than a grasshoppers leg shake, this grind band are on a cleft formed from black gold & eye ball juice.

Blodsprut are Patrcick Petterson (percussion/vocal) & Anders Hana (percussion/vocals) from Stavanger, Norway.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Qing Cia is a group of like minded musicians & non musicians who occasionally like to have a few drinks of redstripe and make some sounds with bits and pieces (chairs, chains and playing cards!). The end result, believe it or not, is quite listenable and is comparable to the most richest of ancient chinese landscapes.
featuring non other than: Yoshi Shinagawa, Melvis Tibet, Kayaking, Stuart of London, Richard Harrison, Horacio Pollard, Topgear, Moon Neil & Umi.
recorded at iceni village studios arranged by horacio pollard.
get in touch for the cdr (artwork by cementimental)

review this review

Cau_Cational Betreet's 4th release DREDGE! (cdr/ download)
Was recorded in two days last summer, no overdubs, no yogurt tubs, all improvubbed.
Bleak and weather torn, Beowulf action.
Imagine leather bridges and ghost ship fog horns!


Order delightful CDR at (£5 inc p&p)

HILLYER-COIR COMPOST.(cdr/ download HERE 64mb)
This bad ass yeast infectious duo have made a record 'coir compost'!

55 BLUES-GATE JUGULAR (cdr/ download, pighole music)
Pighole music have uploaded new 55 BLUES release entitled 'Gate Jugular'. Last record 'doragon' was ambient soft scribble down scrabble word kinda music, this time its sturdy industrial rock but with that 'je m'en fous' edge we all love and hate.

Order cdr from pighole,

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Neigh%Music is needed of an artist or photographer for future release cover art. get in touch if u think you can produce the goods with some demo of your work.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Iron Pirate

This was out last year but I need to promote it more coz not a enough people know about this music! And that's partly my fault because I'm a cloudy minded bag of sprouts.

Dr Toby Balson is a highly respected 'energy saving consultant', but in his spare time he gets his demonic fingers into action and programs spectacularly intricate and brain bubbling dramatic heavy metal music on crappy 1991 midi guitar tab software. The only thing he consults here is the devil himself.

The tracks tear your pants off and pull them over your eyes so you smell your genital odour! Each track is part of an epic story where giant robots destroy planets etc.

I can't recommend you purchase this cd enough, you will be the coolest kid for having this!

Order from me at its £5 inc. P&P


p.s. he is in the process of assembling a new record!!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Wrong Man

Wrong Man's debut release Soup Jockey on pighole music must be downloaded onto the computer and played directly from the computer through an amp & out of a pair of speakers.

Outcome is far from flimsy. The sound has been made with 3 people using drums, violin, guitar, various digital processors and has been pushed with maximum signal onto a 1/2" tape machine.

Sample, Put A Hat on It

Download whole release from Pighole

Monday, 12 January 2009

55 Blues "Doragon"

Doragon see's the duo of KayaKa & Horacio Pollard take the next step from their previous release "Nunhead" towards a more calculated method in abstract sloppiness.
Words which might describe Doragon are as follows: bewildering, charming, color-circle, dreamy, ambient, confusing, time warpy, lazy, childish.
This cdr is delivered in fine handcrafted packaging for €5 including postage.
Or, so that someone might actually listen to it, can be downloaded for €0 in mp3 format.


"Another pleasant surprise is the bewildering CDR Doragons (NEIGH%MUSIC) from 55 Blues, even if it does skip dreadfully in my hard drive. The duo of Horacio Pollard (UK) and Kayaka (Japan) are never less than consistently surprising, playing a wide range of instruments and yielding up unusual sounds inside some extremely eccentric song arrangements. Hard to get a purchase on these slippery eels, but try and imagine a Residents song played by free-improvising electronic madmen, leaving plenty of ‘dubby’ space and echo chamber malarkey in their very open performances. Startling. Cover artwork features a little finger being bitten by tenacious lizard. Well worth investigating, so click on that myspace link now to check availability of this little gem." Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Latest animation by Horacio Pollard. Total color/sound explosion with a twist of phantasmagorical silliness. Will be on the 1st in a series of DVD's released on Neigh%Music. Order now by emailing

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Horacio Pollard Brasil/ Argentina Tour 08 pics!