Thursday, 12 March 2009

Iron Pirate

This was out last year but I need to promote it more coz not a enough people know about this music! And that's partly my fault because I'm a cloudy minded bag of sprouts.

Dr Toby Balson is a highly respected 'energy saving consultant', but in his spare time he gets his demonic fingers into action and programs spectacularly intricate and brain bubbling dramatic heavy metal music on crappy 1991 midi guitar tab software. The only thing he consults here is the devil himself.

The tracks tear your pants off and pull them over your eyes so you smell your genital odour! Each track is part of an epic story where giant robots destroy planets etc.

I can't recommend you purchase this cd enough, you will be the coolest kid for having this!

Order from me at its £5 inc. P&P


p.s. he is in the process of assembling a new record!!


Meatbreak said...

Bring on this new record!!! please.

Neigh%Music said...

i believe its very much on the way!!

dimension kaktus said...

i want 2 ! no, give me 5 !


Neigh%Music said...

i'll be posting 17 to madrid as soon as they come.i've got a feeling he's at sea at the moment.