Monday, 12 January 2009

55 Blues "Doragon"

Doragon see's the duo of KayaKa & Horacio Pollard take the next step from their previous release "Nunhead" towards a more calculated method in abstract sloppiness.
Words which might describe Doragon are as follows: bewildering, charming, color-circle, dreamy, ambient, confusing, time warpy, lazy, childish.
This cdr is delivered in fine handcrafted packaging for €5 including postage.
Or, so that someone might actually listen to it, can be downloaded for €0 in mp3 format.


"Another pleasant surprise is the bewildering CDR Doragons (NEIGH%MUSIC) from 55 Blues, even if it does skip dreadfully in my hard drive. The duo of Horacio Pollard (UK) and Kayaka (Japan) are never less than consistently surprising, playing a wide range of instruments and yielding up unusual sounds inside some extremely eccentric song arrangements. Hard to get a purchase on these slippery eels, but try and imagine a Residents song played by free-improvising electronic madmen, leaving plenty of ‘dubby’ space and echo chamber malarkey in their very open performances. Startling. Cover artwork features a little finger being bitten by tenacious lizard. Well worth investigating, so click on that myspace link now to check availability of this little gem." Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector

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